Spoilers For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown Broadcast (7/25)


* The Uso Brothers defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel. Jimmy Uso rolled up Axel for the win. The crowd finally got into the match towards the end. It was odd timing for this match because all four men had just appeared on Main Event.

* The Miz hosted Miz TV in the ring and interviewed his parents. His mother said her favorite wrestler is Roman Reigns. Bo Dallas interrupted and said Miz won the Intercontinental Title because he Bolieved. Dolph Ziggler came out and said Miz and Bo were both full of crap. Bo told Ziggler that he could be like them if he just Bolieved. A scuffle broke out, but there wasn’t much to it., though it did set up their match.

* Bo Dallas defeated Dolph Ziggler. The Miz was on commentary for the match and his distraction led to Bo rolling up Ziggler for the win.

* Dean Ambrose beat Cesaro in a no DQ match. The crowd was quiet early but rallied behind Ambrose, who won by rollup. After the match, Seth Rollins and Cesaro attacked Ambrose and performed the Neutralizer and Curb Stomp. There was a crazy spot during the match where Cesaro superplexed Ambrose onto a stack of chairs in the ring.

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* Paige defeated Naomi. Cameron watched the match from the stage. Naomi, who got a nice hometown reaction, tapped out quickly. Cameron attacked Naomi after the match.
The latest bizarre Goldust and Stardust backstage segment aired on the big screen.

* Bray Wyatt defeated R-Truth. Wyatt won in five minutes with Sister Abigail. He cut a promo after the match. “Y2J, you aren’t a savior, but I am,” Wyatt said.

Several video packages aired, including one that recapped Stephanie McMahon’s arrest again. 

* Roman Reigns defeated Alberto Del Rio. Good back and forth action early on. They fought twice in front of the broadcast team’s table. Reigns went over clean with a punch and a spear in about 15 minutes.

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