**SPOILERS** From Championship Wrestling From Florida TV Tapings


    This past weekend, CCW taped several upcoming episodes of their Championship Wrestling from Florida reboot.

    You can check out the complete **SPOILERS** from the show below:


    Episode 1:
    * Damien Fenrir def. D3
    * Andrew Anderson & Brian Brock def. Gio Steez & Skitz
    * Cha Cha Charlie def. Angel Fashion
    * Tokyo Monster Kahagas def. Joe Garcia
    * Gangrel def. Alex Chamberlain

    Episode 2:
    * Anthony Catena def. Gary Wolf
    * Nicole Lucero def. Jaycee Love
    * Lakay def. Donovan Ennavor
    * CCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Qrown def. Domino & Rich Port Ayala
    * Martin Stone def. Angel Fashion
    * Damien Fenrir def. Ozzy Kilmeister
    * Gangrel def. Alex Chamberlain by DQ

    Episode 3:
    * CCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Qrown def. Romeo Quevedo & Ricky Martinez
    * Kahagas def. Gary Wolf
    * Blake Troop defaets Cesar Sanchez
    * D3 def. Daisy Kill
    * Cha Cha def. Mike Gallagher
    * Gangrel & Martin Stone def. Alex Chamberlain & Anthony Catena

    Episode 4:
    * Dan Lambert tried to gift the original NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship. Kevin Sullivan, the last champion, interrupts and announces the title will reactivated and awarded to the winner of Alex Chamberlain and Gangrel in a Texas Bullrope match, which will be in the memory of Dusty Rhodes.
    * Brian Brock & Andrew Anderson def. Cesar Sanchez & Matt Woods
    * Nicolth Lucero w/ Tiffany Lucero def. Mila Moore
    * Lakay def. Gary Wolf
    * Damien Fenrir w/ Dan Lambert def. Ricky Martinez
    * D3 vs. Joe Garcia
    * Lumberjack Match: Alex Chamberlain found Gangrel to a no contest

    Episode 5:
    * Anthony Catena def. Martin Stone by DQ
    * Ricky Martinez def. D3
    * Damien Fenrir w/ Dan Lambert def. Joe Garcia
    * Romeo Quevedo def. Dirty Deven Diaz
    * The Bus def. Matthew Woods
    * Blake Troop def. Rich Port Ayala
    * Lakay def. The Tokyo Monster Kahagas

    Episode 6:
    * CCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Qrown def. Brian Brock & Andrew Anderson
    * Kahagas vs. Julio Cesar
    * Ricky Martinez def. Anthony Catena
    * Damien Fenrir w/ Dan Lambert def. Martin Stone
    * Romeo Quevedo def. Skitz
    * Florida Heavyweight Title Texas Bullrope Match: Gangrel vs. Alex Chamberlain

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