WWE NXT UK results spoilers

Spoilers From Sunday’s WWE NXT UK TV Tapings


WWE held a set of NXT UK TV tapings on Sunday afternoon from the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England. Here are the spoilers, courtesy of Pwinsider.comc:

Luke Menzies beat Morgan Webster in the dark match – Menzies came out in a flat cap and jacket with a cane, and won with power moves.

Episode One started with a Pete Dunne promo, but before he said very much, Gallus came out. Joe Coffey said he lost the battle, but would win the war, and anyone else who wanted a title shot should get to the back of the line. WALTER came out with a new entrance where the arena goes dark and you see his silhouette when Dvorak starts to play. Gallus ran in, but Dunne and WALTER ran Mark Coffey and Wolfgang off, before staring each other down.

Nina Samuels beat Lana Austin, who got a good reception. Decent match, which Samuels won with her GTS to the back of the head.

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams beat Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone – Jordan got the pin with a Swanton Bomb on T-Bone, good selling by the babyface team.

Eddie Dennis beat Jamie Ahmed with the Next Stop Driver – solid bout, split crowd with quite a few behind Dennis.

Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks went to a double count out – very good TV match with Banks angry about being taken out of Takeover and going straight for Devlin. A highlight spot was a Spanish Fly by Devlin off the apron to the floor. Banks and Devlin tumbled out of the ring and couldn’t get back before the ten count, which the fans were unhappy with. Both men brawled after the match.

Episode Two started with Dave Mastiff beating Primate Jay Melrose with the corner Cannonball – this was a stiff hard man match, and Primate played his role well here.

James Drake and Zack Gibson did a bragging promo about winning the NXT UK Tag Team Titles, claiming they focused on their goal when Moustache Mountain were designing costumes and coming up with nicknames. They confirmed their tag team name as the Grizzled Young Veterans when Sid Scala came out and announced that they would be defending the titles against Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan at the NXT UK tapings at Royal Rumble Axxess in Phoenix.

WALTER beat Jack Starz in a couple of minutes with a Powerbomb – a one sided establishing squash.

Jinny beat Kasey Owens with the Makeover facebuster out of the corner – Owens got some offense in, but Jinny was largely on top.

Moustache Mountain beat Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel – good quality tag team match where Aichner and Barthel ran Trent Seven and Tyler Bate close, but in the end Moustache Mountain won with the Bate springing clothesline into the Seven Snap Dragon Suplex on Barthel.

Episode Three started with Ligero beating Mark Andrews in a solid babyface match with the C4L Springboard DDT. Good aerial moves in this one.

Xia Brookside beat Candy Floss with a bridging pin in a fun technical bout. Rhea Ripley ran in and attacked both women after the match – Toni Storm made the save, but after she headbutted Ripley, she was woozy and went for another one, but ended up headbutting Brookside by accident. Ripley then hit Storm with Riptide.

Joseph Conners beat Wild Boar Mike Hitchman with Don’t Look Down – standard fare, nothing more.

Joe Coffey beat Ashton Smith with the Awra Best Fur Tha Bells discus lariat – fans largely checked out live, this didn’t do a lot to rehab Coffey.

WALTER beat Mark Coffey in the main event of the tapings with the Powerbomb – a bit more competitive, but not enough to make WALTER look weak.

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