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**SPOILERS** – Impact Wrestling TV Tapings from Friday Night



You can check out the results from Friday night’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings in New York City below. These matches and segments will air over the next several weeks:

Xplosion: Buster Jackson & Matt McIntosh vs. General Justice & Nikos Rikos

These are all talents from New Jersey’s WrestlePro promotion. Some solid back and forth wrestling. McIntosh looked especially strong with a moonsault off the top to the floor. Solid, fun match.

Your winners, Buster Jackson & Matt McIntosh!

The Rascalz’ Trey vs. Shawn Donovan

The story early on was Trey using his speed and finesse to throw off Donovan’s power. Trey was cut off and worked over for a bit. Donovan looked real solid with everything he did. Trey made a comeback and came off the top with a missile dropkick. He missed a clothesline in the corner. Donovan peppered him with forearms. Trey trapped him on the top and nailed a 619 go the legs, sending him down to the mat. Trey hit a flying elbow and scored the pin.

Your winner, Trey!

Donovan showed some real promise here.

TJ Crawford vs. Josh Alexander

Alexander played the dominating heel, demolishing Crawford, who got some hope spots in. Alexander kept beating him down. Alexander slammed him hard and sent him into the ropes. He mauled Crawford with elbows in the corner. Crawford kicked him off during a charge but was still caught with an overhead suplex. Alexander charged but missed and hit the buckles hard. Crawford exploded with some well timed, crisp offense. He nailed a nice kick to the head and a leap into a cutter. He nailed a standing, twisting moonsault for a near fall and hit a sunset flip. Alexander caught him like he was going for an exploder but drilled him with a backbreaker and scored the pin.

Your winner, Josh Alexander!

The result was never in question but Crawford’s work was a nice surprise here. A really nice bout.

Rob Van Dam came to the ring with Katie Forbes. She introduced him and they lecherously made out in the ring. He said that he doesn’t know why he’s getting all this attention lately, but he will take it because wrestling fans have no attention span. While all eyes are on him, in case you don’t know, he’s making a stand. He’s claiming all the credit that is long overdue for inspiring every wrestler you will see in the ring tonight, but for giving them every move they do. He’s been ripped off by every single wrestler. He can see it in every one of them and in his opponent at Hard to Kill, Brian Cage. People are referring to it as a dream match. He’s sure it is a dream match for Cage, he’s the biggest RVD mark of all.

Cage came to the ring and went face to face with RVD, They began brawling. Cage took him down with a lariat. He lifted him for a move but Forbes lowblowed him. Van Dam kicked him and took him down. Forbes held a chair in front of Cage. Van Dam teased the Van Terminator but didn’t do it order to screw the fans out of seeing it. He instead hit the Skateboard dropkick.

OVE vs. The Rascalz vs. Reno Scum vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

No tags are needed for this they announced.

Everyone brawled. Chaotic battling all over the ring and the floor. They went into a series of dives. This was all action and too much to recap. Willie Mack went down after something outside of my line of sight and the match was stopped to help him to the back. He was limping bad. They continued after he was removed.

Swann nailed a handspring into a double cutter on Reno Scum. He was attacked by The Crists. They nailed a double slam on him and nailed kicks to Swann. Reno Scum and OVE battled back and forth. Swann re-entered the fray but was hit with a Crucifixbomb into the buckles. He still kicked up, shocking Reno Scum. The Rascalz started hitting all sorts of offense but Jake Crist powerslammed Dez into the buckles. Swann fought back against both Crists at the same time. Swann nailed a 450 splash and scored the pin.

Your winners, Willie Mack and Rich Swann!

Good match with lots of chaotic, fun action. The Mack deal was a well done work.

Joey Ryan vs. Acey Romero

Ryan did all his usual stunts. Romero ran him over with a big high cross bodyblock. He nailed a big spinebuster for a two count. Romero went for a low headbutt but hit Ryan’s, well, penis and hurt himself. Ryan went to put his lollipop in Romero’s mouth and it ended up in the referee’s mouth. He went down. Ryan went to do the flip but Johnny Swinger hit the ring and pulled him and placed it on his own. He tried to do the flip but it wouldn’t work. Ryan nailed him and superkicked Romero and scored the pin.

Your winner, Joey Ryan!

Impact Wrestling Champion Sami Callihan came to the ring. He said he was here to expose Tessa Blanchard. He said everyone is talking about Hard to Kill and how they are making history. He said to him it’s just another wrestling match and he would spit in her face like he would any man’s face. He said everyone else villifies him and makes it about gender, but that’s not what it is to him. She was Tully Blanchard’s daughter and raised by Magnum TA, He had to fight for everything and fight to become champion. He never had to ask Daddy to get him a tryout. Tessa came out but was attacked by Sawyer Fulton. They worked her over. Ken Shamrock made the save with his ribs taped and everyone brawled. Tessa and Sami brawled to the back. Fulton laid out Shamrock.

We are told Willie Mack is fine.

Gama Singh cut a promo and said Impact would be a “whisper in the wind” without the Desi Hit Squad. He introduced Mahabali Shera and The Desi Hit Squad.

Daga & TJP & Fallah Bah vs. Desi Hit Squad & Mahabali Shera

The DHS had control when they cheated but Daga kept outsmarting them. They did a comedy bit where TJP and Bah hit a double elbow and stereo kip ups, which didn’t work so well for Bah. Daga was working over Singh when the others interfered, allowing Singh to take control and score several two counts. Daga was triple-teamed but kept kicking out at the last second. TJP finally got a hot tag. Everyone battled. Daga tried to cut Shera down with kicks and nailed a big flip bump to the floor. Fallah teased doing one. TJP held the ropes open for him to hit a big tope suicida. That brought down the house. Daga nailed a backcracker and TJP dove on Raju for a two count. More dives. Shera kicked out of a sunet flip from TJP. He caught and hit a chokenstein for the pin.

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