**SPOILERS** – More Notes From The SmackDown Tapings


Credit: Bill C

During the SmackDown taping last night, WWE announces The Undertaker would return on next week’s edition of RAW.

Also, there were a lot of awkward pauses in opening segment between Batista and Daniel Bryan, all on Batista’s part.

There were only a few CM Punk chants throughout the night.

The Shield segment was actually long and drawn out, and drew some boring chants. Basically Ambrose and Rollins were punching and slapping each other back and forth while Reigns just stood between them. Ambrose wouldn’t accept Rollins’ explanation for his actions Monday on RAW. Rollins mentioned they would all be fine if they just separated, but need to stay together to once again take over WWE. All 3 eventually decided to join knuckles.

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