**SPOILERS** – More WWE SmackDown Live Notes


Martin Bélanger sent in this report from last night’s WWE SmackDown and Main Event TV tapings in Ottawa, Canada:

I attended the Ottawa Smackdown taping last night. Very dissapointing crowd. The 100 section on the camera side was empty and covered and the only area of the 200 section that was filled was right in front of the camera. With crowds like that, WWE won’t bring a PPV to our city anytime soon.

Tyson Kidd got a great pop – similar to Natalya on Smackdown – for his dark match against Bo Dallas. Dallas cut a heel promo saying he would have love to defend his title right here in Montréal(!), but his opponent doesn’t deserve a shot. Good match, not very long, with some nice spots.

First match of the Main Event taping might have been the best of the night. Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro had a great match, many near pins, and an awesome Giant Swing from Cesaro. He turned at least 25 times. Kofi hit the trouble in paradise for the win. There were some “Maple Syrup” chants directed at Zeb Colter.

The Main Event tag team match was also nice to watch and being in the crowd we didn’t have to endure Tons of Funk on commentary.The PrimeTime Players got a good reaction from the Ottawa crowd. We could also notice The Miz jumping out of his seat and favoring his knee after Slater threw Young in the commentor’s table. Either he was selling it or he was surprised by the move and got hit on the knee.

The Big E Langston – R-Truth match wasn’t memorable and was used as a bathroom break for many in the crowd.

When Main Event ended, The Miz chatted a little with the guy in the front row wearing a pink disco jacket. So the guy probably got a heads-up that Miz would ask him for his jacket.

After the lame finish of the 6-Diva Tag Team match, when no one was quite sure what happened – including the 6 divas who stood there and look at each other -, the Divas came back out 15 minutes and they taped a new finish. If this is any indication of how the 4-Diva Title match will go down on Sunday, it might be horrible!

After the show ended, Edge came back to the ring for a few minutes, grabbed a microphone and spoke into the camera but there was no sound in the arena. So no clue what he was talking about. Edge then hugged Bryan and left then ring. We were ready for our dark match main event, a WWE championship match between Bryan and Orton. Nothing memorable to report, and the match was a little slow pace. When Bryan put the Yes-Lock on Orton, The Shield interfered and Orton was dq’ed. This got Kofi, Ziggler and RVD to join the fun and clear the ring, but not before hitting their finishing moves on The Shield members, topping it off with a 5-Star Frog Splash. The 4 then shook hands around ringside and the that was it for the show.

Biggest pop were for Edge and Daniel Bryan. Santino Marella, Big Show, Natalya, and Tyson Kidd also got a good pop. Triple H got a mix reaction – good pop when his music hit and then boos when he said what he had to say. People weren’t really into the dance-off and lots of dissapointment about CM Punk not being there.

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