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Spoilers From Saturday’s ROH TV Tapings


ROH taped four episodes of television on Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia and here spoilers:

Episode 1

Tempura Boyz vs. Coast 2 Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali)  vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

The Young Bucks came out to scout the match and joined commentary. The Tempura Boyz won with Shock Arrow superkick/piledriver combination. The Young Bucks chose Tempura Boyz for the title shot later in the taping.Cole came down for the a championship celebration.

ROH Television Title Match

Marty Scurll vs. Juice Robinson

Scurll won via Chickenwing submission. The crowd super into this match

Scurll got on the mic afterwards and reminded everyone that he’s undefeated and undisputed ROH TV champion. He said he is not getting any competition and issued an open challenge. Lio Rush, Donovan Dijak, Jay White, Jonathan Gresham, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin came out and stared him down. After Scurll left, Sabin said that there are six men who are gonna prove that there is competition. The six men members of the Motor City Machine Guns will battle to earn the right to challenge for the title since “steel sharpens steel”.

Decade of Excellence Tournament

Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal

Kazarian on commentary.Cole came out during the match, joined commentary to the consternation of the Jays.Early Jay Driller led to a two count. Briscoe won with a clothesline after Lethal’s Lethal injection missed the mark. After the match Briscoe got in Cole’s face.

Episode 2

Cabana joined Kelly on commentary

Punishment Martinez & BJ Whitmer vs. War Machine

Double count out finish. All four brawled outside with chairs involved here. Hanson and Martinez went blow for blow and brawled to the back.

The Bruiserweights (Corey Hollis and John Skyler) & Joseph Agau vs The Kingdom

Crowd started a local talent chant during this one.Kingdom hit their powerbomb finisher on Agau on the outside and Taven tossed Hollis into the ring post, taking him out as well. Hollis tagged in and a brief flurry, but all for naught.Powerbomb spot on Hollis with Taven getting the pin.

Taven got on the mic and said they were the best, the most beautiful and only six man tag champs that ROH will ever have. Dalton Castle came out and the Boys pushed him back and forth and Castle said next time, that’s going to happen to the Kingdom.Cabana attacked the Boys and then ran to the back.

ROH Tag Team Title Match

The Young Bucks vs. Tempura Boyz

Bucks win after Nick hits 450 while Matt had Yo draped on the middle rope. Bucks feigned putting the Boyz over, only for Adam Page to attack Sho and Yo.

Donovan vs Gresham vs Rush vs Sabin vs Shelley-Winner gets TV title shot

Scurll out for commentary.Big group hug before start of the match.Cabinet came out during the match, Sabin, Shelley , and White fought them off and brawled to the back worth Gresham incapacitated outside, leaving Dijak and Rush alone. Dijak won after hitting feast your eyes. Scurll talked trash to Dijak before scampering off.

Women of Honor

Kelly Klein and Kennadi Brink vs. Faye Jackson and Sumie Sakai

Brink made Jackson tap to an anaconda vice, which just made Klein even angrier. The two seemed to be on the outs as they parted ways separately.

Adam Page vs. Matt Sells

Quick squash with Page winning with the Rite of Passage.The Young Bucks came out afterward as Page was about Hang Sells, and they double super kicked him. Matt Jackson got on the mic and introduced Cody and Cole. Cody cut a great promo crapping on Atlanta, but the crowd chanted that they still loved him. He called Lethal out, saying that Lethal isn’t the gatekeeper, he’s a doorman. Lethal kept his distance but after being spit on he came into the ring, only to be attacked by the Bullet Club. Fish came out to help, but was overwhelmed by the numbers. Just as things seemed grim, the MCMG came out and evened the odds. Fish then called for the tag match to begin right away

Lethal and Fish vs. Adam Cole and Cody

Fish and Lethal won after Fish made Cole tap out to a kneebar. Crowd chanted next world champ as Fish stood triumphant.

Episode 3

Sal Rinauro vs Mark Briscoe

Mark wins with a Froggy-bow.Shane Taylor and Keith Lee came out and got into the ring and surrounded Mark, Jay came out to even the odds and the four brawled, with Lee and Taylor powerbombing Mark and then put Jay through a table before leaving.

The Rebellion vs Dalton Castle and The Boys

Silas and BCB on commentary. Mid match Colt brought a six pack to BCB and joined commentary.Rebellion won after Titus hit the big dawg splash.The Kingdom came out and mocked Castle and the boys.

Silas with Beer City Bruiser vs. Bull James

Silas won after hitting Misery.

Colt Cabana vs. The Boys w/Dalton Castle

Castle in commentary. Cabana got in the mic and said things aren’t over and that he’s going to destroy the Boys. Chicago skyline on one boy and the Billy Goats curse on the other for the win

Decade of Excellence Tournament Finals

Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Briscoe

Kazarian and Mark in commentary

Daniels wis with Angels wings off the top role. Cole stares him down as show ends with crowd chanting next world champ

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