​**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For 6/5 & 6/12


Source: TNAinsider

Partial Spoilers For June 5th


Mr. Anderson came to the ring dressed as a cowboy mocking James Storm. He spoke to Christy Hemme and  said “sorry about my damn breath.”. Storm said that Mr. Anderson has pissed him off and he wants to go another round. The two brawled at ringside. Storm eventually got the upperhand and hit his last call superkick on Anderson.

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne. Brittany was at ringside but refused to help Madison while Velvet Sky used her hairspray on Madison.

Spoilers for June 12th

Eric Young came to the ring ready to wrestle. He challenged MVP again and said that maybe this time he can face him in an even match if he isn’t paying too much attention to Dixie. MVP comes out and says he doesn’t take orders from Eric or Dixie. Young says that he knows any match that MVP has is going to involve King and Lashley. MVP says King and Lashley are wildcards and that he can’t guarantee that they would not interfere in any match. MVP gives Eric Young the opportunity to have something special. He lets Young pick the stipulation for their match at slammiversary but only if he Young can win his best out of 3 challenge of each of them tonight. MVP announces Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley right now.

Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young . After the match Lashley began beating on Young some more until Samoa Joe made the save. The two brawled until Lashley ran off.

Magnus and Bram came to the ring. Bram says he is proud to bring back the old Magnus and not some suit wearing joke that the fans have seen for the last six months. Bram says that the two of them as a team are unstoppable. Willow comes to the ring and speaks on about Magnus having an alter ego. He says that he will bring someone with him to Slammiversary to take out Bram and Magnus. Willow introduces his tag partner, Abyss.

Knux defeated Robbie E. After the match Robbie E ran away because he says he has a fear of clowns.

Eric Young defeated Kenny King.

Ethan Carter II and Rockstar Spud come to the ring where there are 3 chairs set up. ECIII introduces brooke Tessmacher to the ring.  Ethan asks Brooke if the relationship between Bully and herself was legit. Brooke says no. Then the segment turns into an interrogation of sorts with ECIII and Spud claiming that Tessmacher was pregnant.  Spud gets in Brooke’s face and says there is no need to lie about this. Spud says its time to come clean and admit that Bully is the father. Brooke gets in Spud’s face and Ethan Carter threatens Brooke. Bully Ray hits the ring and Ethan and Spud run out.  Ethan eventually challenges Bully Ray to a tables match at Slammiversary. Bully Ray ups the stakes and demands a Texas Death Match at Slammiversary. Ethan accepts the challenge.
Gail Kim defeated Brittany and Madison Rayne for the right to face Angelina Love at Slammiversary.

Eric Young defeated MVP by disqualification after Kenny King and Bobby Lashley interfered. Eric Young gets to pick his stipulation for Slammiversary.

Barely able to stand, Eric Young reveals his stipulation. He wants MVP in a steel cage at Slammiversary.

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