​Spoilers: TNA One Night Only Xtravaganza PPV Results


Source: TNAInsider.com

TNA changed the format of this year’s Xtravaganaza. It was announced that new comers and returning former TNA X-Division guys will face off against current X-Division stars in order to qualify for the Ultimate X main event.

– Low Ki defeated Chris Sabin via Ki Krusher. Sabin tossed Ki into the turnbuckle. Low Ki countered and landed on the middle rope and hit his warriors way stomp followed by the Ki Krusher for the win.

– Rashad Cameron defeated DJ Zema Ion. Rashad countered a tornado DDT by DJ Z and rolled him into a small package for the win.

– Kenny King defeated Rubix with his Coronation finisher.

– Trent Baretta was introduced as Ace Vetter (or Vedder) defeated Manik.

– Sonjay Dutt defeated Rockstar Spud using his double stomp Moonsault.

– Tigre Uno defeated Petey Williams. Williams nose was bleeding profusely during the match but he completed the match.

– Ethan Carter came out and issued an open invitational challenge. He said this is the first year of the Ethan Carter Invitational Ladder match with a 25,000 dollar cash prize to the winner. They announced Bad Influence vs The Wolves in a ladder match.

– The Wolves defeated Bad Influence in the Ethan Carter invitational ladder match. Excellent tag team match. Carter raised the hands of the Wolves following their win and then quickly walked away, putting the check back in his pocket. The Wolves laid out Ethan and grabbed the check from his pocket.

– Sanada defeated Austin Aries in a TNA X-Division Title best out of 3 falls match. Sanada got the win in two consecutive falls.

– Low Ki won the Ultimate X by pulling down the X from the frame over Rashad Cameron, Ace Vetter, and Sonjay Dutt. It was announced that the winner of the Ultimate X Main event would get a future TNA X-Division Title Shot. Low-Ki gets a future TNA X-Division title shot.

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