Stardom’s Heartfelt New Year’s Message


The Stardom promotion in Japan posted the following message for New Year’s on Twitter. They will have their first NYC Show in April, and are already planning major updates to their streaming service, Stardom World:

A heartfelt thank you to you, the fans of Stardom. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are, or reach where we are going. 2018 was Stardom’s biggest year yet, and planning for 2019, even 2020 has been underway for months. We think you will enjoy the trip along with us.

January marks the beginning of our 9th year. The 3rd year for Stardom World.
Details will come about a week from now, but the Stardom World website will receive a major upgrade at the end of January. 

4/5 brings our first ever show in New York City. We promise to bring you exactly what you’d expect from the biggest women’s promotion in the world. You won’t be let down, that is our guarantee.

Sincerely, we thank you.

Believe now. Shine tomorrow.
We are Stardom!


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