Stardust Returns To Action, Cameron Promises Changes, Hideo Itami News


– Stardust, who has been out of action since December 7th with a neck injury, returned to action at Saturday’s WWE live event from Madison Square Garden. He lost to Titus O’Neil.


– Injured NXT star Hideo Itami posted the following on Twitter:

Itami has been out of action after undergoing shoulder surgery earlier this year. We have not heard if he cleared to return to the ring anytime soon, but we’ll keep you posted.

– Cameron has been training at the WWE Performance Center and working NXT live events for the past few months. She posted the following video on Christmas, revealing that she’s also been training with indie wrestler Carlos Cannon to improve her in-ring work. Also in the Instagram post, Cameron says she’s working hard to be the best she can be. She posted the following:

My Early Christmas Present:
The road leading to our ultimate goals and dreams is never an easy path to navigate. Pain, criticism and disappointment are just some of the potholes along the way. How you work your way through them is what separates the believers from the achievers.
Over the past few months a lot of you have asked me where I am and why I have not shared any videos of my training. I’m currently training down at NXT and performing at NXT live shows. Unfortunately, some things are out of my control so I can’t show you much but I can share this clip of my good friend @carlocannon me training before I left for NXT.
In this business you rarely have any creative control but you do have control over how much effort and work you put into yourself. These 15 seconds are just a peek into what I have been doing to perfect my craft. To some of you out there I may be that girl who got booted from Tough Enough and to others I may be that girl who didn’t know how to pin her opponent. Regardless of how you view me I refuse to allow my mistakes to define my character and legacy. I refuse to give up because others say I can’t make it. I’m too hungry, too relentless and too ambitious to simply sit quietly and accept what is given to me. I will work my ass off and do everything possible to be the performer I know I am because that is what defines who I am. The Cameron you remember is not the Cameron you will soon see. #Cameronscomeback #MyJourney #MerryChristmas

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