Starrcast V News: Jim Ross Hints At Travel Issues


Jim Ross is known for his distinguishable play-by-play commentating in pro wrestling. He started commentating for sports radio and has since worked for many promotions. He’s now a commentator for AEW, showcasing his years of knowledge in front of a new audience. Although JR is still commentating, he recently hinted that traveling is becoming an issue. 

On a recent “Ask JR Live” episode on AdFree Shows.com, JR said that he’s uncertain whether he’ll appear at the upcoming Starrcast V festivities. The event will be where Ric Flair is said to be having his final wrestling match. JR confirmed that he did receive an invite but is unsure about traveling there. He said,

“My foot swells so badly on the airplanes and the pain is just a little bit unbearable. Today was a horrible, horrible day. Cause I was in the airplane for so damn long, and the pressure of the cabin and all this stuff and just a bunch of rigmarole … It’s going to be great, it’s going to be a hell of an event. I’d like to go just to watch, so I don’t know yet.”

JR confirmed he took some time away from AEW to get treatment for a skin diagnosis back in October. The WWE Hall of Famer later provided an update that he was cancer-free. JR has continued doing commentary every week on both television and pay-per-view.

Jim Ross is now a commentator for AEW.

Many have reported on Flair’s last match and what it would entail. A tag team match featuring Flair teaming with FTR is currently the plan. Rumors swirled for a bit that Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat would be involved. However, the legendary Superstar denied any involvement.

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