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NewsSteph De Lander - 'I've Learned So, So Much From Matt Cardona'

Steph De Lander – ‘I’ve Learned So, So Much From Matt Cardona’



Steph De Lander has been teaming up with Matt Cardona in recent months, and she recently appeared on the “That’s Cooked” podcast to discuss what she’s learned from her mentor, marketing herself and her products, and more.

De Lander said, “I can’t just talk about what I’m selling [on my podcast]. I can’t just try and make money all the time, although it is so tempting. That is something that I did learn from Matt. There’s always money to be made. I’m just kidding.”

She continued, “But honestly, I have learned so much, so much in such a short period of time from Matt. It’s unreal. Even my earnings at the merch table have gone up exponentially, like doubled, if not tripled. That’s another reason why I made this lipstick is because Matt explained it to me, how important it is to have merch at different levels. Like a $5 product, a $10 product, a $20, a $50. That is part of why I released the lipstick. I want to have a product that’s a $5 product or a $10 product.”

In other news, “Speedball” Mike Bailey will be making his debut for DEFY Wrestling in October. You can check out the official announcement below:

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