Stephanie McMahon Named In 2022 New York Women’s Impact Report


Stephanie McMahon has been named on Variety’s 2022 New York Women’s Impact Report list. The WWE executive was among those on the list of women who made an impact on the media landscape in the past year.

McMahon joins a list which includes HBO Documentary and Family EVPs Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming chairman Frances Berwick, DirecTV Lead Manager of Influencer & Sponsored Content Alyssa Billups, and more. McMahon’s entry reads:

“As CBO, McMahon leads the company’s global brand strength and growth, overseeing marketing, creative services and global sales and partnerships. While she sometimes still plays a character in front of the camera, her focus is behind the scenes — and shining the light on the female performers as the driving force behind WWE’s Women’s Evolution. This year, she over saw WrestleMania 38, which took place live across two nights and became WWE’s highest-grossing and most-attended event in company history with more than 150,000 fans.”

The article also quotes McMahon regarding her biggest challenge ahead, “Navigating the digital transition from web 2.0 to web3, blockchain, the continued advancement of AI and what that looks like across business and our society in general”

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