Stephanie McMahon Reportedly Not Expected Back In WWE Anytime Soon


According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Stephanie McMahon’s decision to take a leave of absence from WWE was a decision “several months” in the making and likely isn’t a short-term thing.

There are also reportedly people in the company saying negative things about McMahon and her time as the Chief Brand Officer. One of those who said they were “not high on her” even went as far as suggesting they were frustrated because any time they’d ask her something, she’d run it by Vince McMahon first. Of course, all things in WWE go through Vince McMahon first.

Another person wondered now many people would replace her, either one or more. Also, while the story about her wanting to spend more time with her family is true, it’s not the only reason she’s leaving. The other reasons are being kept quiet. However, one person did say “for sure” she won’t be back anytime soon, and likely not ever as Chief Brand Officer.

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