Stephen Amell Wrestling Drama ‘Heels’ to Start Production Next Month


Stephen Amell is set to star in a wrestling-themed drama series for Starz, titled Heels. PWInsider reports that the show will start filming next month in Atlanta, Georgia. Per the report, Amell has been training in the ring to prep for the show.

It will follow the story of two wrestler brothers, one who is a babyface and the other a heel, and the struggles they face on camera and behind-the-scenes after the passing of their father; who was the promoter for the Georgia-based wrestling promotion they worked for.

Additionally, CM Punk reportedly tested for the role Amell was ultimately cast in back in 2017 and apparently impressed casting directors. The role was heel brother character, Jack Spade. However, the project was put on hold before it started back up again and Amell was later cast. Alexander Ludwig will be the co-lead in the show as the other babyface wrestler brother, Ace Spade.

Deadline had some additional casting info on the show. Chris Bauer, Allen Maldonado, and James Harrison are all set to join the show opposite Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig. Bauer will portray Wild Bill Hancock, a former wrestler star who is now a high-level wrestling scout. Maldonado will portray Rooster Robbins, a top wrestler on the circuit who has something to prove. Harrison is Apocalypse, a veteran wrestling journeyman who has been at it for decades and doesn’t have illusions about fame or glory.

The show is being produced by Lionsgate TV in association with Paramount TV Studios. The show is written by Michael Waldron and directed by Peter Segal, with Mike O’Malley attached as the showrunner.

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