Steve Austin Blogs About His Start In Wrestling


Steve Austin has a new blog entry up on his website talking about his start in the wrestling business. He talks about how “Dirty” Dutch Mantell cussed him out after a terrible match once.

“This ass chewing session was a 9.9 out of 10. I think he actually invented a few new cuss words to use on me. The Dutchisms were relentless, ruthless, and certainly unparalleled at this point in my life,” Austin wrote.

Austin went on to say that Dutch told him to watch every match on the card.

“I got it. From that point on for the rest of my career I watched damn near every match of every card my whole career. Obviously, when I was white hot in the WWE I did not have time to watch as much, but I’ll never forget that night… Thanks to Jerry Jarrett for the job. Thanks to Dutch for all the advice and help while I was there. And, most of all…Thanks for cussing my ass out, it was the best advice I ever got.”

You can read the full blog at

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