Steve Austin Blogs On His Next Movie & More


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently posted that he was going to begin filming his latest movie, The Package, this week. Austin posted to his blog at, talking about his flight to Vancouver for the film which will co-star Dolph Lundgren and be about a courier for a local crime lord who must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters:

“Alright, folks. Made it to Vancouver. Got settled in my room, got some groceries, looked over my scenes for Monday. 10am pickup tomorrow for wardrobe fitting and fight rehearsal. This is gonna be a good movie. I wrote a long blog on the flight from L.A. I will proof read it tomorrow and post it….I will post something for the blog everyday.”

He later added, “I got picked up at the hotel this morning and went down to wardrobe to get fitted for my movie attire. Then met with the stunt guys about the opening fight sequence…Yep, there’s a fight in this movie…A bunch of ‘em. Hell, after this movie I may just go ahead and step into the Octagon…Anyway, back to reality.”

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