Stone Cold Steve Austin
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin covered in blood

Steve Austin & Bret Hart Recall Their Plan To Break WWE’s “No Blood” Rule During “Broken Skull Sessions” (Video)


As part of the “3:16 Day” celebration, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s new video podcast ” The Broken Skull Sessions” — featuring special guest Bret “The Hitman” Hart — will premiere on the WWE Network tonight immediately following Monday Night Raw.

During the sit-down conversation, the two look back on their legendary “Submission Match” showdown where their flawless “double-turn” was executed.

The match, which featured UFC legend and eventual WWE Superstar “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock as the special guest referee, concluded with the iconic image of “The Texas Rattlesnake” covered in blood as he passes out rather than tapping out from “The Sharpshooter” locked in from “The Hitman.”

As they reflect on their memorable clash, Austin and Hart go step-by-step through the match, describing the impact of several of the big bumps they took, high spots they pulled off, as well as breaking down much of the psychology that they intended to use and intended pull off.

“The Bionic Redneck” even revealed a behind-the-scenes conversation the two had where they secretly devised a plan to purposely break WWE’s “No Blood” policy, where Hart even offered to do the blade job on Austin that would result in the famous image of Austin screaming in pain with his face a crimson mask as he is locked in Hart’s “Sharpshooter.”

Check out an exclusive clip from the new special, which features Austin recalling he and Hart devising a plan behind-the-scenes to secretly break the “No Blood” policy that WWE had for their matches at the time, below.

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