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NewsSteve Austin Comments On Possibly Wrestling One More Match

Steve Austin Comments On Possibly Wrestling One More Match



WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin recently did a Q&A session on episode 383 of The Steve Austin Show. Here are the highlights.

On Whether Earl Hebner Should Be in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Earl Hebner should definitely be in the WWE Hall of Fame. I think, Tommy Young [NWA Referee] should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Those two guys definitely stand out for me. Earl Hebner was one of my favorite referees that I worked with. When I was drinking those beers; because Earl was a big drinker, and I tossed him those beers, he was like a kid in the candy store; we just crashed those beers together, and he would tell me with that Virginia accent, “Austin, you motherf***r!” We were all just having a good time, and he definitely should be in the Hall of Fame. There should definitely be some referees in the Hall of Fame. They have that Celebrity Wing Hall of Fame, let me tell you, we should have some of those referees in there as well. People don’t know, but some of those referees were over, and they added so much importance to the match, so I’m definitely down for that.”

On Why He Won’t Come Back for One More Match:

I’m 52, and I get these emails all the time asking why I don’t come back. They’ll say, so and so did it. Goldberg did it, and you know what, I’m happy for all my friends that are making comebacks. Bill [Goldberg] going in and beating Brock Lesnar was awesome, setting it up for Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, but I’m not making no comeback. I had someone cuss me out on the email the other day saying that they hated my guts because I wouldn’t do it a comeback, but listen, I’m done. I road off into the sunset in 2003, whenever it was, after Wrestlemania 19; came back for a couple of appearances, but I’m done, and I’m happy being done, and I don’t want the pressure of having another match on my shoulders, because I don’t have to have another match because I’m satisfied with the career that I had. I appreciate everyone that had supported my career. Pro Wrestling has springboarded every endeavor that I am involved in right now, and I love the business, and the WWE and all the organizations that I work for, but man, I’m done. It’s like when we did that last DVD, but I’m enjoying my time outdoors, and the things I want to spend my time with right now that I am passionate about, like learning how to do Long-Range Shooting for example. I’m working on stuff that I want to do and I really don’t want to go back to the business. The wrestling business is now for the younger generation that is in there right now, and you do it for as long as you can, and you then ride off into the sunset and adjust accordingly. I’ve adjusted accordingly. I have so many great memories of the wrestling business. I’ve worked real hard to get to the top, and how many flukes and breaks to have happened that had allowed me to have the success that I did. For the Goldberg and everyone else that wants to make a comeback, man, I sit there and watch, and I am cheering for them, and wanting to see great matches, and wanting people to cheer for them, and like them, but I’m done brother, I really am. I’m happy that I am done because I’m happy with where I am at right now in my life. I’m done, I don’t need a comeback; end of story.”

You can listen to the podcast here.

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