Steve Austin On Change That He Would Make To The Rumored Main Event Of WrestleMania 35


WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin recently shared his thoughts on the potential WrestleMania 35 match between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show. Here is what he said (h/t to Wrestling INC):

“For me, Charlotte is a defined heel. We know she’s a heel. We’re pushing her as a heel. We’re booking her as a heel. Yeah, to me, she has a defined role. She’s totally confident in either one, but I think she’s more comfortable as a heel. And that’s not from me talking to her. That’s from me guessing that she’s more comfortable as a heel, but she’s going to do whatever they ask of her.

Boy, that has the potential to be a hell of a main event, but then you’ve got two babies [babyfaces]. Would you go two babies or would you make sure Charlotte’s a heel because Ronda needs to be the baby?”

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