Steve Austin

Steve Austin Reveals Two Superstars He Would Like To Work With On Current WWE Roster


Steve Austin answered some questions from fans on a recent episode of his Steve Austin Show podcast. This is where he was asked who he would like to work one final program with on the current WWE roster. Here is what he had to say h/t to Fightful):

“I’m good friends with Brock Lesnar and it’d be fun to work with Brock ’cause I was supposed to all those years ago. I also really think Elias is doing well. I’d like to work with that guy to elevate him. I think he’s on his way to being a top guy.”

I’ve known Brock forever and we’re good friends. But Elias has been making more and more progress. The character is coming around. The guitar work is great. Damn good hand in the ring. Great gimmick. He’s working baby(face) now and I think that’s great.”

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