Steve Austin’s Wrestling Future + Would Reby Sky Join WWE?


— It was reported on various news outlets Wednesday that sources close to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin say it is unlikely he will ever compete in a wrestling match again as a result of multiple injuries. A Twitter user asked the WWE Hall of Famer about the rumor and he issued a “bottom line” response.

“If I decide to wrestle/not wrestle you will hear it from ME Not a dirt sheet and damn sure not from bleacher report,” Austin states.

— Glamour model-turned-breakout-wrestling star Reby Sky was asked on Twitter whether she would be interested in joining WWE at this time and responded, “I’m truly happy where I’m at right now #LivingTheDream.”

Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Sky was forced to reject a contract offer from WWE due to her contract with Lucha Libre USA as their MTV2 program hostess.

Sky also responded to people criticizing her in-ring ability after a year-plus of training: “Love how people try to insult me with “You have nothing on [insert female wrestler here]”. I’m not trying to have anything “on” anyone. I’m trying to be the best that I can be. Emphasis on “I”. Trying to compare me to people who have been in the business for 200 yrs is ridiculous. Keep your sh*t in perspective. I’m busting my as$ and – to be honest – very content with where I’m at in my training.”

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