Steve Austin/Samoa Joe Podcast, WWE SSlam Survey


— Steve Austin’s latest podcast has been posted, which you can listen to at this link. Austin interviewed TNA star Samoa Joe on the show.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released its annual top 500 list, and #1 on the list was John Cena. This is the third time that Cena has been ranked #1.You can get the digital download of the issue at this link.

— WWE has sent out a survey to fans on their mailing list, regarding the Summerslam PPV. It ask for feedback on tings like:

* when they decided to order the show

* what they thought of each match

* whether they ordered Summerslam the year prior

* how interested they were in ordering the Night of Champions PPV based on Summerslam

* what sort of secondary Summerslam ‘programming’ they watched (social media, videos, pre-game show, etc.)

* whether they attended AXXESS.

* Finally they ask, “What is your reaction to Triple H’s actions at SummerSlam?” with the answers being “OK by me. It keeps things interesting” or “Terrible! Daniel Bryan should have that title.”

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