Steve Austin Says Sheamus Isn’t Ready Yet – Details


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who writes a column for Fighting Spirit Magazine, offered his opinion on reigning World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus during a recent issue while discussing WWE’s World Titles and how their importance level has never been lower. Though Austin considers the Irish grappler talented, he doesn’t feel Sheamus is ready to be champion.

Austin wrote, “Sheamus is a big talented dude, no doubt about it. Can he get to where the company wants him to go? That remains to be seen, and there’s a lot of work required from both him and the company in order to jump to that superstar level. He’s doing fine for the amount of time he’s been in the business, and there is no disrespect intended, but there are so many aspects that go towards making a guy draw money with the title.”

Austin also remarked that the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championships should be unified as soon as possible. An article on Austin’s comments is available here.

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