Steve Austin Shares Half Of His Mt. Rushmore Of Wrestling


Steve Austin was asked to name his wrestling Mt. Rushmore in an interview with Busted Open Radio.

This is where he only listed two names because he never has put together a complete four wrestler list. 

“I never build one, but I’ll build half of one,” Austin said. “Because in my mind you have to have Ric Flair, you have to have Hulk Hogan and I’ll leave the rest for anybody to do. I know you have Bruno Sammartino from that era, but my two guys that I’ll always go to are Hogan and Flair. And I’ll leave the rest to everybody else.

“I’m not going to put myself on there, because I’m not going to blow smoke. I had a good run, if someone’s got me on there that’s cool. But my two are Hogan and Flair. It would’ve been great to go against Hogan. He was still pretty primed up, he was on the backside but could still do it. My headspace wasn’t in the right place, but certainly I could’ve done it.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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