Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels Filming TV Today


Steve Austin announced in a new blog that that he will be taping television with Shawn Michaels. They will be taping for Shawn’s MacMillan River Adventures show that airs on Outdoor Channel.

“Shawn Michaels and his MRA film team head to the BSR in the next few days. I am looking forward to hunting with Shawn and seeing how him and his team go about their hunting and filming endeavors.”

Austin also talked about taking the sweet chin music from HBK, noting the following…

“I have often wondered why I always turned around when Shawn was stomping the mat like a Clydesdale Horse late in a match. They say curiosity killed the cat…Well…I guess that’s what I get for being so damn curious every time he started stomping. I will say this though…As many times as he rattled my teeth with that damn kick…I got him a few times as well with a Stone Cold Stunner. And when I hit that thing just right…It’ll rattle every damn tooth in your head…And every vertebrae in your neck. I know Shawn and his crew are just coming to hunt…but I’ll be keeping an eye on him…DTA Brother…You know the rest.”

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