Steve Austin Still Thinks CM Punk Will Return At WrestleMania 30


Stone Cold Steve Austin has stated in the past that he thinks that CM Punk
will return to WWE at this Sunday’s WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view. Punk
has not appeared on WWE television since the Royal Rumble PPV in January
and reportedly not talked to WWE officials since leaving WWE.

Here is what Steve Austin said in a recent podcast about Punk returning to WrestleMania 30:

telling you, I’m going to stick to my prediction that CM Punk is going
to make his return at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans. I made this
prediction two months ago here on the show. It’s been a long time, I
think he’s cooled his jets, he’s got some rest, and I think it’s time to
get back to work. I don’t see him participating in a match, but it
would be great to see him in a run-in to establish himself, to entrench
himself immediately in a memorable and just a great moment, and I would
say plant himself firmly in the middle of an angle, because he would be
the angle, by attacking whoever he sees fit to attack or asserting his
presence rather, whatever the case may be. But I see CM Punk coming back
at WrestleMania 30. Who knows if it will happen. We will know in about
six short days when WrestleMania actually happens.”

You can listen to the podcast down below that features his WrestleMania 30 predictions:

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