Steve Austin & Terry Funk To WWE?, Ambrose/Foley, More


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— Steve Austin was in attendance at this week’s Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in Las Vegas. Austin was asked once again about wrestling at WrestleMania 29, and stated that while he is open to the idea, that he feels great right now at age 47, but doesn’t want to be living in pain by the time he’s 57.

— Steve Austin and Terry Funk both expressed interest in working with WWE developmental talent at FCW

— When a fan asked Dean Ambrose on Twitter when he would “take out Foley,” Ambrose responded with the following… “I wont. He took himself out. In terms he would understand he’s the cowardly lion of WWE, I’m far from heartbroken”

— WWE posted a poll on their website which asks fans to choose between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s “What?” and Daniel Bryan’s “YES”. “YES” won with 59% of the vote.

— Here are some attendance figures from this week’s WWE European tour:

RAW on April 11th in Moscow, Russia drew 6,500 fans

RAW on April 12th in Gdansk, Poland drew 7,000 fans

RAW on April 13th in Stuttgart, Germany drew 6,000 fans – a sellout

SmackDown on April 14th in Manchester, England drew 10,000 fans

RAW on April 15th in Nottingham, England drew 8,000 fans

RAW on April 16th in London drew 10,000 fans

SmackDown on April 17th in London drew 7,500 fans

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