Steve Corino Calls Fans ‘Retards’, Suicide Comments


— ROH has announced that The Briscoes will get a shot at ReDRagon’s ROH World Tag Team Titles on May 11th in Pittsburgh, PA. You can buy tickets at this link.

— This past Wednesday on, we reported an article which featured interview highlights with independent and ROH pro wrestler Steve Corino. Among the highlights of the interview was an excerpt where Corino claimed he felt the infamous “Montreal Screwjob” at WWE Survivor Series in 1997 between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart was a “work.”

After the article was published, the WZR staff tweeted a link to the article directly to Corino himself, as we typically do with any story involving talent with official Twitter pages. Corino responded to the tweet by saying, “@RyanClarkWZR @shawnmichaels @brethart Shouldn’t you say “spoiler alert” before you ruin it for them? #Moron.”

The WZR staff, live on the radio, collectively came up with a response to Corino’s response, which read, “@KINGCorino @ShawnMichaels @BretHart It’s been 16 years … how much longer should I wait to post about it? #BiggerMoron.”

Corino again responded, this time briefly writing, “Rolls eyes.” The aforementioned tweets set off a firestorm of back-and-forth insults from Corino and members of the “WZR Army”, a dedicated group of die-hard Radio fans. Corino’s responses became more and more unprofessional, as documented in a chunk of tweets listed directly below:

“@Rygaux @ryanclarkwzr It was a joke, Retard.”

“@Viper31408 @ryanclarkwzr Hahaha, you have 5 followers! You should probably think about suicide.”

“@Rygaux @ryanclarkwzr It was a joke, Retard.”

Corino’s previous three tweets resulted in responses from fans, including some of the tweets listed below:

“@KINGCorino @ColtonJCoan @Viper31408 @RyanClarkWZR What makes no sense is you’re not calling 518-712-3070 right now to confront Ryan Clark”

“@SonsOfSeptember @kingcorino @coltonjcoan @viper31408 @ryanclarkwzr why don’t you phone him you pussy”

“@dave3166 @SonsOfSeptember @KINGCorino @Viper31408 @RyanClarkWZR call in face the BOONE!”

“@KINGCorino How the fuck did @RyanClarkWZR spoil something that happened in 1997? #WeKnowAboutMontreal”

“@KINGCorino @Viper31408 @RyanClarkWZR haha you judge a person’s life by twitter followers. You should probably think about prison rape.”

Not exactly the way you want one of your top talents representing your company, is it?

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