Steve Maclin Says His WWE Release Motivated Him, Shares Advice


Steve Maclin (Steve Cutler) was released from WWE on February 4, 2021, and he recently discussed how that served as a motivation to elevate himself in the industry.

The newly crowned Impact World Champion spoke with “Tru Heel Heat” about the experience he gained following his WWE release and shared some advice for younger talents.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his WWE release: “It just motivated me even more. I was told the creative differences were that creative had nothing for me, so I was like ‘okay cool, I’m gonna go create something for myself to make you want me.’ Whether I was to go back or not, but now it’s IMPACT Wrestling has given me the opportunity with the team that they have on the opposite side of the camera for creative. It’s just a good mold of just working together and throwing ideas and I just love that I get to be creative who I am and how I’ve envisioned myself.”

On his advice for other talent: “For anybody that is out there that is trying to create, just keep working match after match and honing in your craft. Try something new at least one thing new every match but also know like you have to work on your character. It can be whatever you want it to be whatever your personality if it’s dialed up or you see a character in a comic book. I like to steal from comics, and I like to steal from movies. It’s where I get my ideas and it’s just invest in yourself and be all in on it and just have the balls to be able to stand your ground and know who you are. That’s pretty much all I try to do is just stay true to who I am, and anytime you see that camera on and even behind the scenes, I try not to be a kiss-ass. I try not to politic my way to get what I want. I know sometimes you have to kind of schmooze a little bit to get your way, especially throwing ideas around or pitches and you finally have to get it that way, but I just try to stay true to me and work hard.”

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