Stevie Ray Responds to Harlem Heat WWE Hall of Fame Criticism


WWE Hall Of Famer Stevie Ray was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Going into the WWE Hall of Fame:

Yeah, man! It is cool. But, you know, people were always bothering me about the Hall of Fame and I never really had thought about it. I always thought that the Hall of Fame meant that you left a mark in wrestling and people would always remember it and I never thought… You know, it was in the back of my mind. But it is cool that it happened and hey, Harlem Heat is in the Hall of Fame!

Those who thought the team shouldn’t be inducted:

You know, I could give two sh*ts what people say. We went into the Hall of Fame as a tag team. We went into the Hall of Fame as a record-breaking tag team! We went into the Hall of Fame as a tag team that brought tag team wrestling back as it was dormant at the time.

We went in as a tag team that actually got ratings – our ratings were very high back in the 90s and they know what the people liked. So, anyone that does not understand that can suck my d***. Anyone that doesn’t understand that can kiss my black ass.

The Revival:

I’m done with the Revival. I never had anything to do with the f***ing Revival. So, whatever sh*t he said, I don’t got nothing to do with it.

WWE trademarking the Harlem Heat name:

I’m kind of torn about that. We have contracts for our likeness and all that. But to own the name… You know, really and truly, we never owned the name. We owned our names, Booker T and Stevie Ray. But we never owned the Harlem Heat name. That was a name given to us by WCW.

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