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Stevie Richards Dealing With Serious Health Issues


Former WWE/ECW/WCW wrestler Stevie Richards mentioned on Instagram that he’s dealing with some health issues, although he didn’t elaborate on what’s going on with him. He shared a photo of himself at a medical facility while using a walker.

According to a report from Pwinsider, Richards has been dealing with issues related to his back/spine that have gotten worse in recent weeks. Richards wrote,


“The last 4 weeks, especially the last one, have really been something else. We aren’t quite at the finish line yet, but hopefully the road to recovery starts asap.I will be explaining what has happened and documenting my road to recovery on the YouTube channel as well as here. Speaking of the YouTube channel, we have plenty of videos to edit/publish- so there will still be new content as we work through this. Please subscribe to stay updated and for the normal fitness reviews.”

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