Stevie Richards Reacts To WWE Network, WWE/SI News


— Professional wrestler and tech guru Stevie Richards recently spoke with about the potential of the WWE Network. Here are the highlights…

“À la carte consumption is the future. People who were going to buy WrestleMania are always going to buy it. People who weren’t going to buy it are now going to because they’ll pay $120 a year for the entire library and then also get WrestleMania, which is like $65 these days. I might even get it just because of all the classic stuff I watch on YouTube will be more readily available and have better video quality.”

— According to, WWE has commissioned illustrator Rod Hunt to illustrate his interpretation of the WWE Hall of Fame. Here is what the site had to say about the deal…

WWE Magazine commissioned Rod Hunt to illustrate his interpretation of The WWE Hall of Fame. The illustration included tributes to the stars of WWE including The Hall of Hogan, The Heartbreak Kid Hotel, Life Size Andre the Giant, Booker T’s Spinarooni, Jerry Lawler’s and Triple H’s Throne Room, Junkyard Dog & Mad Dog Vachon’s Dog Pound, The Hart Family Dungeon and much more.

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