Sting Comments On Getting Injured During His Final RAW Match, Signing With AEW


During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, AEW Superstar Sting commented on his match tonight at AEW Double or Nothing, his injury during a match with Seth Rollins, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his injury from his final Raw match: “I knew something was really, really wrong when my legs would not work. They just wouldn’t function. They felt like rubber bands, which is when I went on all fours … It made me think of when I first started in the business. Eddie Gilbert, who managed Rick Steiner and me and Jim Hellwig, he’d always talk to us about the finish. ‘The finish, the finish, you’ve got to get to the finish.’ That’s stuck with me all these years. So that night I was thinking, ‘I can’t not finish the match.’ I had to finish. I remember thinking, ‘Please God, let me get back on my feet. Don’t let me end my career in a catastrophe.’ I remember my legs coming back to me, and I wanted to finish the match.”

On finishing out the match: “The fans knew something wasn’t right. They started chanting, and they started chanting some more. I’ll always remember the way that made me feel. That made up my mind–I needed to find a way to finish … I will never, ever forget that night. The way the fans reacted, it was so organic. It meant the world to me. People still say to me, ‘You should have the belt. They shot themselves in the foot by not doing it.’ We had a really good match up until the point of my injury, one I’m proud of wrestling. And I was so happy to finish the match.”

On signing with AEW: “I’d known Tony Khan long before AEW, and he had put in a call to me and we had a great conversation. He made a few pitches to me, I liked what I was hearing, and I’m glad I did … When I started in AEW, I remember getting asked if I planned on being a mentor or teaching,” said Sting. “And of course I do, but after five or six years of not being involved on a heavy level, wrestling can pass you by. The wrestling industry has changed a lot. Most of the guys, these young guys, they’re teaching me. I’m learning a lot about the wrestling business, how it has evolved, and how the way to tell a story has evolved. Even the moves, everything is completely different. I really appreciate it for what it is now, and I’m still trying to figure out how to plug myself in, taking the old school and mixing it with the new school. So far, it’s been a good balance.”

On his match at Double or Nothing: “Even though I was retired, I didn’t want to disappear. And it was the way in which I departed WWE. I’d rather go out making some sort of statement. I just love to entertain and I love to learn, and I’m learning a lot from these young guys. I wish I could have ran up and down the road with some of these guys 20 years ago, especially Darby Allin. He is just so talented.”

On having nerves heading into the match: “35 years of being in the wrestling industry, there hasn’t been a time when I walked through the curtain and I wasn’t nervous, so I’m happy this time isn’t any different. Once that first lockup happens, all the nerves will go away. I’m really looking forward to being in front of a big, live crowd again, and I won’t forget where I came from.”

On his fanbase supporting him: “I appreciate the fans every day. Every time I came back to WWE, either on Raw or a pay-per-view, and now with AEW, hearing the crowd, I marvel over the way they care about me. I’m very grateful for it, it means the world to me. And it goes both ways—I love those fans, too. I’m thankful that God has given me the ability to do this, even now at this age, and I appreciate the fact that fans still love it. And I plan on delivering for them on Sunday.”

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