Sting Comments On WWE Bringing Back War Games And Starrcade


WWE Hall of Famer Sting recently spoke with William Mullally for Al Arabiya English while promoting the WWE 2K18 video game. Here are the highlights:

On why he sticks to the ‘Crow’ look for his character today:

Yeah, Surfer-Sting went to a certain level on a global basis and The Crow character surpassed that, you know? Especially through the Monday night wars, social media, all of a sudden, the internet, the whole package caused that to become what it became. Bigger than any other Sting persona.

On WWE ‘reconciling’ history with WCW and bringing back War Games and Starrcade:

Yeah it’s funny too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word ‘reconciled’ used, but that’s a good word. When you said ‘reconciled’ I instantly thought of the match I had with HHH at Levi Stadium at WrestleMania in California with the NWO and D-Generation X. Everybody in the ring at the same time, on the same night—that’s something that no one in the world ever believed could happen and it happened. In a sense it was almost a reconciliation that happened that night.

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