Sting discusses his big break in the wrestling business, talks Vader and Cactus Jack


Jim Ross’ The Ross Report recently interviewed Sting, who talked
about his start in wrestling, working with Vader and Mick Foley, and more. Below
are some highlights.

Sting on how he got his big break: “Rick Bassman came in the club and was trying to
break into pro wrestling with 3 other wrestlers looking for a 4th guy, after a
lot of waiting and with no responses, he finally asked me to do it, and I wasn’t
interested I was bar tending, bouncing in the nightclubs, I was doing
competitive body building and I was trying to make it out there in Hollywood,
and do movies and commercials and all that kind of stuff. So I thought well let
me go and check it out, we went out to see a match at the sports arena in LA,
Hogan, Andre The Giant, The British Bulldogs everyone was there. I felt, wow I
want to try this.”

Sting on why
he got into wrestling:
“When I go to
the sports arena and I see pandemonium and all the craziness, I went wow,
there’s money to be made out there. I’m not going to lie to ya, yeah I thought
about the money at the beginning. That’s not all it was, there was definitely a
love for the business”

Sting on
working with Cactus Jack:
“He was
crazy. The other side of the rail there was a drop off that was about 8 or 9
foot drop, and to this day I can hear the sound of his back on impact. I would
say no I’m not going to do that, he would say please please, I want to, it’s my
gimmick, you’re gonna stop me doing my gimmick. He would sacrifice his

Sting on how he loved to
work with Vader:
“You got someone who’s
got 400 pounds who can do a moonsault off the top rope, we’re talking about an
offensive lineman for the Los Angeles Rams. I used to love to work with him. I
had the, it was pretty insane, but I was the one who tamed him. “

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