Sting Says He Is Done Wrestling, Another 205 Live Star Injured


WWE HOF and WCW Icon, Sting recently appeared in an interview conducted by former ring announcer, Lilian Garcia. In the interview, Sting gave us fans an update on his neck as well as his plans for the future. Upon being asked about a return, his response was:

“Yeah, I’m really done. I mean my neck doesn’t bother me at all. For the first couple of months after the match, I had an ache that would go down to the left side of my neck and down into my left trap. It was like a dull ache that was just there all the time and it was hard to sleep. I don’t have any side effects, any trouble so all I know is the neurosurgeon said, “You are so lucky there wasn’t a catastrophe that happened.”

Despite the injury, Sting went on to add that he thinks he and The Undertaker would still have a killer Wrestlemania match.

In other news, WWE released on their website that 205 Live star, Lince Dorado suffered a torn thumb ligament during one of his recent matches. Interestingly, nobody is sure yet if this injury will cause Dorado any time on the shelf as WWE’s post indicated that he will be wearing a “small cast.”

“WWE.com has learned that cruiserweight Lince Dorado has suffered a ruptured thumb ligament and will have to wear a small cast.”

Hopefully the Cruiserweight star doesn’t have to miss any action.

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