Sting Says He Shouldn’t Be The First TNA HOF Name



Sting was part of a conference call today to promote this Sunday’s Slammiversary and talked about his retirement, who he thinks is TNA’s next star and more. Check out the highlights:

-Lizzy Bynum opened the call with a preview of this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling and then ran down the Slammiversary card. She opened the call for questions

-Sting was asked to compare TNA now to what it was when he joined TNA and asked when he bought in and placed his stamp of approval on it. Sting said he bought in the third or fourth appearance with the company because he wasn’t happy with the way wrestling ended for him 2001, and he knew it was time to make a choice and he did. He said there was no comparing the company that appeared at the fairgrounds in Tennessee and the company that is worldwide today.

-He was asked what his defining moment was and he said his first night with the company because it was life changing ultimately.

-He was asked about the Black Scorpion storyline. Sting said it was a good build that bombed but it was a tough spot to be in because they couldn’t get the person they wanted and had to go with Ric Flair.

-Sting answered a question about Bobby Roode and hanging with him athletically by saying he had a new trainer and they have been working on a new training regimen and good diet. He put over that he’ll get better over the next weeks and hopes to be back where he was 15 years ago.

-Sting was asked about ending his in-ring career with TNA. He said every year he really thinks its the last year until it’s over and he realizes he’s still having fun. He put over building WCW and doing similar things with TNA and said it is hard to walk away when they aren’t quite where they want to be yet, but he feels like they are close.’

-Sting said his favorite match was against Kurt Angle in 2007.

-Sting was asked about criticism for TNA using older guys too much. Sting said you can’t please everyone all the time and they decided to listen to what the fans are saying whether than the Internet and “dirt sheets” think. He said the ratings show that the fans want a mix of the young and old guys and they are using the old guys to make the young guys and printed to this match with Roode as proof.

-Sting was asked about what past feuds he would like to relive if possible. Sting put over Vader and Great Muta. He was asked specifically about Rick Rude and he put over Rude as one of the best pure heels ever.

-Sting was asked about staying motivated after 20 plus years. He said he was having a lot of fun right now and he went though a down period but he likes the group they have right now and he finds himself more engaged. He was again asked about ending his career with TNA and he gave an “as of right now, yes,” answer.

-He was asked who he would like to work with that he hasn’t. He said Undertaker and a lot of the young guys in TNA. He was asked about his faith and said it’s what gives him strength to continue, especially at his age.

-Sting said he has thought about writing an autobiography but said nothing was even close to pending. Sting said the biggest change he had seen in wrestling was how characters are more nebulous now and not clearly babyface or heel.

-Sting was asked who the next big breakout star in TNA was. Sting struggled to decide and put over James Storm and Austin Aries the biggest.

-Sting said whoever the inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame is, it should not be him. He put over AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett as guys who should go in before him.

-Sting said that he had been focusing on his mic work because he knew the physical side of things wasn’t what it used to be and he knew he needed to amp up his skills. He said he always knew that was the weaker part of his package and so he really wanted to improve it.

-He was asked about what he would do after his in-ring career ended. He said he had always considered just being done with wrestling, but he’s seeing things from the other side of the camera now and for the first time could see himself working in at least a part-time creative position.

-Sting said it was a scary time when he changed his character after having it for so long. He said he sincerely thought it was gutsy and that it paid off. He said he’s using it to show the younger guys that it’s OK to take chances.

-Sting sidestepped a question about wrestling for “a couple more” years and said he’ll go as long as he feels like he can go in the ring, whether that’s a month or a year.

-Sting said he was guarded, but greeted Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan with open arms. He said they are all older and seem to have their goals aligned now so it has been good. He said that younger wrestlers were better today with their money than the guys he came up with.

-Sting was asked why it takes so much longer to build main-eventers than it was in 1988 when Sting burst on the scene with one match with Ric Flair. Sting stalled and said he had an answer but need to guard his words. He said he felt like the TV machines behind WCW and WWF back then were bigger and more passionate about it. He said he also felt like younger guys hadn’t quite developed the character that’s needed to be a main-eventer.

-Sting said his favorite world title win was the first one in 1990 against Flair and the 1997 match against Hulk Hogan at Starrcade.

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