Stone Cold & Sean Waltman On What Makes Kazuchika Okada Stand Out


During a recent episode of the “Steve Austin Show: Unleashed”, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman & Stone Cold Steve Austin went over what makes the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, so special.

Here are both of their takes on Okada: (transcripts by WrestlingINC)

Steve Austin’s Take On Okada:

“When [Okada] started selling with his match against Kenny Omega, I don’t want to relieve parts of previous podcasts a few weeks when New Japan was in town, but holy smokes that kid can sell. You know what he is really good at? The subtlety and nuances. That kid, when he goes to selling, I think in today’s United States scene it’s more of an oversell and its losing the effect because it’s too much. I think guys need to dial it back. For a while guys weren’t selling at all and now they are overselling, but I don’t want to nitpick that. Anyways, not to get off topic but one of the things I liked about that match was that they didn’t go crazy trying to work that crowd, they keep the majority 98% of their attention within the ring, but it looks like an athletic contest and when you look at Okada, you ask yourself what it is that he does that is so popular?”

“He’s got a great drop kick, he sells awesome, has great fire but with that first match that lasted 47 minutes with Omega and then that 60 minute Broadway, there was a couple of crazy bumps in there but the guy doesn’t do anything super crazy as far as high maneuvers. He’s bigger than you think he is; he’s about 6’3, 220, but he’s a tall 6’3 so he takes up space. Great looking robes, which you can take out of the equation, but he’s just a really good looking kid, he’s not overly flashy.”

“I don’t know what it is about the kid that sets him apart, because you saw his two matches against Omega. Dave Meltzer gave one a six-stars and the other six and a quarter stars, okay, whatever the star rating is, but I will say, as many great things as Omega and Okada did during those matches, it’s a different style. If you are just a smash-mouth, strong style kind of guy, it may not be up your alley but as far as hitting the gas pedal; vicious attacks, going for the win, all of that is there. In the 60 minute, I can see them buying time, but both of them were just tremendous, fantastic matches. They have a bit of a different style, but the business has evolved.”

Sean Waltman’s Take On Okada:

“When you do a 45 minute or something like that, I can’t imagine starting the match off with the same kind of intensity and ending it with that kind of intensity. I mean, we only have so much gas in the tank but yeah, I get it with the way they were pacing it, but the spots that they had done, I would have liked to see them be shorter, more concise and not look like spots anymore. When I see Brock and Joe, or matches like that; you’re not seeing tackles, drop down and knee drops. I kind of want to see wrestling get away from that a little bit. Just change the spots up a little bit because everything is now so routine.”



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