Stone Cold Shoots On Top Stars For Their “Boring WrestleMania Feud”


Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke on the feud between Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton. Their championship match at WrestleMania and what puzzles him about the feud and both competitors on his podcast “The Steve Austin Show-Unleashed”. 

Here is what Stone Cold had to say regarding the Bray Wyatt v. Randy Orton WWE Championship feud & match:

  • Austin criticized Wyatt for his character, reasoning why he can’t go down as a huge heel.
  • How Randy Orton has lost the killer instinct and he can not be built around as far as an entire brand goes.

“ I’m such a fan of Bray Wyatt’s potential he has great promo ability, he has a great character. But that character, in my opinion, I think he laughs too much. I just don’t see what there is to laugh about so much. I think Bray Wyatt has a potential to be much better than he is. I think he’s very talented, I think he’s very smart but he needs to twist things around a little bit. And the last thing, it’s just not getting any heat.”

“You know, the upside down thing in the corner, someone says something and he starts smiling and laughing, he’s a god, he’s an eater of worlds, and it doesn’t add up to heat for me or that I take the guy in a serious fashion and he’s got a lot of talent. I just think he needs to be coached a little bit to move in a different direction. The crowd just wasn’t really there for these guys, both guys worked hard, the effort was there but just the result wasn’t that great and Randy wins the title, he’s the WWE Champion. But where do they go from here? I have no idea.”

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