Stone Cold Steve Austin Shares His Thoughts On The Kurt Angle/Jason Jordan Storyline


On Monday Night, current RAW GM Kurt Angle revealed his huge secret that Jason Jordan of American Alpha is his illegitimate son. There were many of negative comments regarding the new angle that WWE has taken, but WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin sees plenty of light at the end of the tunnel for Angle, Jordan and this storyline.

Here’s an excerpt from the Steve Austin Show:

“I like the fact that they are shooting a hell of a big angle. They got a lot of negative responses but hey man, it was a big-time response seemingly from everybody. Big time angle, lot of rub for the kid. He’s a good-looking guy, read about him when I was coming over here to talk to you on the podcast. Outstanding credentials as an amateur, could possibly have a bright future ahead of him and if it is done off the back of this angle, more power to the kid, good luck to him. Is this leading to a betrayal of Kurt’s trust or somebody trying to set him up to oust him from his position? And will it result in Kurt Angle returning to the ring to wrestle at a big-time Pay-Per-View?”

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