Stone Cold Steve Austin Says The “House Of Horrors” Match Was “Executed To Damn Near Perfection”


The “House Of Horrors” match received many mixed reviews from the the entire WWE fan-base, but WWE Hall Of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin said on his podcast: The Steve Austin Show: Unleashed” that the House Of Horrors match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton at WWE Payback was “executed to damn near perfection”.

Here are the highlights:

I watched this as a fan and when I watch these guys start to scrap inside the house, I thought it was shot really well. I thought it was edited really well. The music, the score, was almost cinematic, the guys working in the house, they did everything that they could, it was shot as well as it could be shot. I thought it was executed damn near to perfection.

Also, former WWE creative writer Court Bauer joined Stone Cold on his podcast and noted that Michael Hayes lobbied for the same concept of this match back in the 2000’s.

Court Bauer: This is a Michael Hayes dream match. He’s been trying to do this match for almost two decades and, lo and behold, I think ‘Freebird’ finally got Vince to sign off on it in 2017.”

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