Stone Cold

Stone Cold Wants Fans To Get A Glimpse Of Undertaker’s Real-Life Personality

Speaking to Newsweek, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin said he is looking forward to the Undertaker’s real-life personality shining through when their discussion airs on the debut episode of Broken Skull Sessions on Sunday, after Survivor Series:

“You ask [Mark] a question and he’s a storyteller. He likes to talk, and you would never know that watching the Undertaker. Most of the time he was choke slamming, giving someone the Last Ride or the Tombstone Piledriver. It was a long story short and usually a bad ending,” Austin said with a laugh. “When you sit across from the guy he’s not in character. He’s smiling and he’s laughing. And I’ve seen him laugh and smile before backstage, but he’s a breath of fresh air.

“People say, ‘man I can’t believe his voice sounds like that,'” Austin said. “You’re used to hearing him as The Undertaker. That’s one of the biggest things people used to ask is if he was alive or dead. That’s how shielded this guy was. People at the airport would ask if he was alive or dead. Well he’s alive, and he has a regular voice, and he’s a very charismatic and engaging guy. And very down to earth. You’ll enjoy the conversation, and [it will] catch a lot of people off guard because of how laid back he is.”

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