Stu Bennett Headlines New Action Movie – Details


Former WWE star Wade Barrett (Stu Bennett) has been cast as the lead actor in a new action movie titled “Vengeance,” which begins shooting July 25 in London. Bennett will place the role of “John Gold.”

“As a long-time action movie fan – and filmmaker – I’m very excited to have Stu Bennett and Gary Daniels on board for Vengeance, said Vengeance director Ross Boyask. “Stu is the perfect actor to play our lead role of John Gold – he has the charisma of a classic action hero, as well as the physical abilities to back it up, and I know that his legions of fans around the world will be cheering him on as he takes on the villains in the film.”

Here is the synopsis of the new movie:

When ex-Special Forces soldier turned professional mercenary, John Gold, hears that his former best friend Corporal Dan Mason, and Dan’s parents have been murdered, he heads to their home-town to find their killers.

Gold discovers that Dan and his father were investigating a Special Forces troop led by the enigmatic, highly decorated Sergeant Hatcher, that went rogue in Afghanistan. Hatcher and his team smuggled a massive amount of Heroin back into the U.K., kicked out the local dealers and set up their own business, taking down any opposition with brutal military efficiency, including Dan and his family when he discovered the truth and would have blown the whistle on them.

Gold tracks Hatcher’s team, one by one, with the reluctant help of local barmaid Sandra, herself an addict and a victim of abuse, and Keith, a dealer that Hatcher’s men deposed. When Hatcher realises they have a new, unwelcome visitor in town he sends his men after Gold, only for them to be outwitted and taken down at every turn.

Eventually Gold invades the drug den that Hatcher’s men have been selling Heroin from and interrogates a trooper who reveals that Hatcher has a small army at their training facility known as the Killing House outside of town. Gold heads for the final showdown at the Killing House but Hatcher and his team are prepared for the attack…

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