Suge D Wasn’t Happy With Billy Corgan Removing Him From The NWA Talent List


During a recent appearance on the “Public Enemies Podcast”, Suge D (Pineapple Pete in AEW) commented on Billy Corgan removing him from the NWA talent list, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On thinking he had a spot with the NWA before his opportunity with AEW came about: “I came back from England after 18 months and thought I had a spot with NWA. We had talks for months. I land on a Monday, get a text on Tuesday, ‘We had your name on the final talent list. Billy Corgan saw it and scratched your name off.’ That’s the story of my career. I’m in the ring, a million people watching on TV with Chris Jericho, and there is nobody around. All I’ve ever wanted was to be in an arena with thousands of people and know what that sounds like. Even if I went 25 minutes with Chris Jericho, I don’t know what that sounds like and I don’t know if I ever will. I’m 36. They treat me like I’m the old man at the club. The people everyone admires are in the 40s, but no one says they are old, but I’m old because I’m Indie and know my worth. That shit bothers me.”

On his frustrations with the situation: “I came back home specifically to take the opportunity with NWA. Not even 24 hours off the plane, I get the call, ‘I know we talked about this, but it’s not happening.’ I didn’t get a reason why. It’s no that I’m not used to hearing ‘no’ or no response, but you get enough that rack up and you’re so sure that this was my opportunity, and it didn’t go down, it didn’t sit well with me. I was walking wounded after that.”

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