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Summer Rae Recalls Dusty Rhodes Getting Mad Over Her Original Ring Name


Summer Rae was a recent guest of Golden Ring Collectibles and she shared the story of how her ring name came to be. Her original ring name didn’t sit well with Dusty Rhodes, who told her, “This name’s going to be with you for the rest of your life.”

The real-life Danielle Moniet shared how they arrived at “Summer Rae.”


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

What Dusty thought of the original name WWE gave her: “Mine came back and I said I wanted the name ‘Kyle,’ like a boy’s name. I didn’t say Summer and they just put ‘Kylie Summers’ as my name. And Dusty Rhodes said, ‘What the hell is a Kylie Summers?’ He’s like, ‘I f***ing hate it.’ In front of everyone, he made me stand up in front of the class and was like, ‘Tell them what they named you, it’s bulls***.'”

How the name morphed into Summer Rae: “And he wanted everything one or two syllables so when people chant your name it’s not anything crazy. So, I think I said ‘R-a-y,’ like a summer ray, like a ray of sunshine, and they came back ‘R-a-e’ because they’re difficult.”

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