Summer Rae Speaks Out on the TMZ Leak that Ended her Storyline With Rusev


During a recent interview with the “Ring the Belle” podcast (audio below), former WWE “Diva” Summer Rae commented on her storyline with Rusev, Lana and Dolph Ziggler from 2014 that ended when a TMZ leak revealed that Rusev and Lana were actually engaged in real-life. You can check out some highlights below:

On her promo against Rusev: “That’s my favorite thing I ever did in WWE. I actually wrote this. That’s never been said, because I’ve never talked about this. “Higher powers that be were very upset. They thought I was the one that would suffer from this. So they were just like, ‘It’s not fair. Would you like to write your own promo? Would you like to sit down…’ and it was actually me, it was Jimmy Jacobs’ first or second week. Jimmy Jacobs was brand new. We sat in the stands and we wrote it. So I’m really proud of it and honestly to be fair, he kind of was only there to — I guess to give me a little help or ‘No, Vince would like that, Vince wouldn’t’ — but he was still kind of new too so I wrote the whole thing. It was easy to memorize because I wrote it and I loved it. You kind of blackout a little when you’re really in the moment and out there, and so when I watched it back, I didn’t realize they did not play my music on the out. The crowd was so loud and it was in Chicago and I’m like a big Bears fan and that’s where I lived for seven years. Like if I ever returned, I’ll be in Chicago, spoiler alert. In that moment, I was so proud that a girl didn’t have to play something on the out and when I went in the back, it was standing ovations — Stephanie, Vince, I don’t know if Hunter was back there but definitely Armstrong, everyone was back there, everyone’s standing and I was proud of it.”

On the Rusev/Lana storyline ending: “Because of TMZ. I really feel bad for the writers of this because they gave us everything for 2-3 months and there was no payoff. There was nothing. So I actually apologized to the writers though, you know, it wasn’t my fault. I feel bad that there was never anything for them. Like you know, for us, we’ll all be okay. It was amazing. It was Vince’s baby. I know it got worst storyline of like 20-whatever, but it was Vince’s baby and like no girls at that time were really getting any like full stories. It was three months or so. It was crazy.”

On the rumors about Sasha Banks: “I don’t know about that. [laughs] She might want to quit? Well, there were also a lot of rumors about me going around and like every girl on the main roster, so everyone goes through things. And also like, I stay off the dirt sheets and stuff like that. I think a lot of it’s hearsay and a lot of times the dirt sheets aren’t right at all. I have no idea!”

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