‘Sunny’ Seeking A WWE Job + McMahon’s Wealth, More


— If Linda McMahon wins her election on November, she will be one of the wealthiest United States Senators. Financial disclosure reports state that Linda and Vince McMahon were together worth between $90 million and $350 million. It is believed that they are much closer to $350 million than $90 million.

— WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch plans to relocate from New Jersey to her boyfriend’s residence in Connecticut and indicated via Facebook that would be interested in working at the sport entertainment organization’s Stamford-based television production studio.

She wrote Thursday, “Hmmm just had a thought…. I’ll be living in Connecticut soon… I think I’ll make a call and work in the studio….hmmmm.”

A fan then pleaded for one final WWE run, reasoning that she’s ‘hotter’ than Vickie Guerrero. The remark offended Sytch, who wrote back, “Than Vickie?? Of all people you have to compare me to her???”

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