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Surprising Jobs Of Two Former WWE Superstars Revealed


During a recent appearance on the “Wilde On” podcast, Miranda Gordy the real-life sister of former WWE Superstar Ray Gordy revealed Ray’s surprising new job.

Ray Gordy, better known in WWE for his runs as both Jesse and Slam Master J, is now retired from the wrestling business. According to his sister, Gordy is now part of a SWAT team based in Georgia:

“He’s retired [from wrestling],” said Miranda. “He’s living in Georgia. He’s a police officer now. He’s on the SWAT team. Ray has helped me a lot anytime I have questions and he is just guiding me because he’s been there and done that.”

Additionally, Zamariah ‘ZZ’ Loupe the runner-up of Tough Enough VI has also left the wrestling business. In the time since his short run on the NXT brand, ZZ returned home to the family business of being a guide and Alligator trainer at Zam’s Swamp Tour. His story was recently the topic of a mini-documentary produced by VICE, with the video drawing in over 1.5 million views. You can check out Vice’s documentary on ZZ below:

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